Words (and Time) (and Money)

… will I run out of them [no words for that]?  Is there a bank [The Wor(l)d Bank]?  Can I make a withdrawal or save them by stuffing them under my mattress?  Like time, I feel I’ve wasted too many.  Sometimes you have to look to the opposite of a thing to really get it, so silence is meaningful too: [                                                            ] [Like Vipassana]  And words have a future, a present and a past, like time too.

Like money, is there a wallet for words?  Where do you keep them when you’re not using them?  Are words really like money?  Can words buy you things?  Probably YES.  Deinitely YES.  Words are loaded: good, bad, ugly, menacing, threatening, loving, spiteful, kind, caring, loving – the whole gamut.  But I said loving twice.  Can money do this, be loaded?  Of course!  Money has moral meanings too.  Can you spend too many words?  You can, just ask a journal editor.

So what’s the message?

We all use multiple currencies, depending on what we want to buy, spend and how we’re prepared to earn it.  We use different currencies in different contexts.

We have to ask ourselves, what are we willing to trade and what are the rewards?.  So spend your words, time and money wisely (or not).


2 thoughts on “Words (and Time) (and Money)

  1. drkottaway says:

    As a Walt Kelly Pogo fan: words are PLAY. I was so convinced as a child that everyone wanted to be a poet, that I thought my dad was an engineer and musician (but really wanted to write poetry) and my mom was a fine artist (but of course poetry)….. didn’t figure out that this was a core belief until I was forty…. larf.
    I memorized songs and nonsense poetry as a kid and we didn’t have a tv until I was nine. A friend has accused me recently of not knowing popular culture. Well, not tv. But comic books and music and books…. ok, so I’m not sure books can be termed “popular”.


  2. The eLFonian says:

    You ask the perennial question asked throughout the ages, “what are we willing to trade?”. As an anthropologist, I’m sure your would know that many throughout history have made Faustian bargains in the pursuit of riches and power. Very good. Regards, eLFy


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