Modern Milestones: Part One – Parenting and Childhood

Old Milestones New Milestones

Get pregnant Check fertility window with ‘Maybe Baby’
Prenatal classes: breathing No breathing; problem solve crying doll in class
No drugs Pain relief or still no drugs
Stirrups Stirrups
Medicalised birth Birth plan in Birth Centre (with medical backup)
Sleep baby on front Sleep baby on back
Sleep baby in drawer Sleep baby in approved bassinet
Tummy time Tummy time
First smile First smile
Baby photo Hard copy personalised photo book every 6 months
Parents read books to baby Parents turn on ABC TV for kids
Sits up, stands, walks, talks, says ‘Dada’ Sits up, stands, walks, talks, says ‘Dada’
Music Toy First Ipod
Activity Centre toy Own email account from birth
Duplo Lego First Ipad
Colouring in book and crayons Drawing app with artist’s palette
Dress ups First set of headphones
Play Telephone First IPhone
Play at home Read reports on extending activities at childcare
Plays in dirt Plays on astro turf and soft fall playground
Washes hands Disinfects hands
Learn from experience Protect self-esteem at all costs
Give honest appraisal Tell them how fantastic everything they do is
Ignore them while they fight and play Spend every waking moment entertaining them
First racquet and ball First internet server game
First bunch of playmates First Clash of Clan island leadership
Keep quiet Explore feelings
“She stole my ball” “She griefed me”
“I’m bored” – looks for activity “I’m bored” – is given an activity
Rock, paper, scissors Origami app
Share room with siblings Own room by high school
Take book bag to library Harass parents for ITunes card for App Store
First record/tape/CD Opens own ITunes account
First birthday party at home First birthday party at themed play centre
Pass the parcel with one gift Pass the parcel with gifts on every layer
Neighbourhood Facebook group
Diary Blog
Borrow a cup of sugar from neighbour Share horror renovation stories
Attend local school Compete for place in public school further away
Walk to school Driven to school in 4 wheel drive
“Could do better” “Performs well within peer related activities”
One phone at home 2 Ipods, 3 IPads, four phone extensions, 4 mobiles
Phone always rings Phone never rings
Kids TV only on from 3pm – 5pm Restrict screen time to two hours daily
Phone call to school once in six years Helicopter parenting
Holiday down the coast Overseas family holidays
Privilege life experience Privilege life experiences overseas
Home-made Organic
Hunger Satiation
Rose coloured glasses Living in the present moment


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