Fractocurrentism and the anthropologist of the future (TAOTF) …

Will be a world view

Will reconceptualise disciplinary thinking and skill sets

TAOTF will be better known

TAOTF will probably do fiewldwork at home, locally or …

– May not do fieldwork at all

Won’t have to ask all the questions

Will glean greater insights around the textual, but not rely on text alone

Won’t write up a single authored ethnography in the way we’re used to – maybe not ever

Will always be teaching, sharing

Won’t necessarily Probably Mostly won’t be working in an academic department of anthropology

But what do we become if we don’t get to be that identity which we’ve studied to become?

TAOTF will contribute more centrally to dialogues that are greater than the discipline itself, and

Will draw together all the strands

TAOTF will lead teams, working across the arts and sciences in new and creative ways

Will take turns: from the poetic turn to the mutualisc turn, the sensory turn, the purposive turn, the enduring turn, the resources turn, the imaginary turn, the epiphenominal turn, the organismic turn and more

TAOTF should be paid for what they/we contribute

TAOTF will teach us all how to live

Oh and the Fractocurrentism?  In this era it’s not post -post modernism, nor is it alter- modernism.  Or meta modernism.  No we need to identify this era as:


As anthropologists of the future, we are now cultural experts of the Fractocurrency era or Fractocurrentism

You heard it here first …


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